Current Faves

Aka things I’m currently obsessed with.  😉

Winter Squash, especially when its $0.80/lb

These bars (BOGO at Whole Foods) which, dare I say, I like even better than Lara Bars.

This yoga studio in Towson, MD.

These food apps.

This spread, which I do could eat with a spoon.

These crackers.  Which make a great spoon.  Not that I would know or anything… 😉

My hydroponic basil plant (aka Basil take 2).  ^P.S. Oh HEY.  😉

Multipurpose work/snuggle/nap space.


Kait xo


A Saturday of Food

DC VegFest was this weekend.

I happened to be visiting my friend in DC.  <–see I was totally meant to be a plant-strong foodie.

I’ll admit I was a bit disappointed.  No free parking (no cheap parking either..the $20 lot was the cheap one) like in Boston.  Fewer take-home food vendors, more restaurants (and non-profits).  Different companies, including more processed foods than ever and fewer whole foods vendors (and dessert vendors…I was definitely missing Emmy’s and Theo like WHOA).  I expected differences but to be honest I wasn’t impressed with some of the fill-ins.  Oh well.

It also didn’t help that the weather decided to be almost summer-ly and I had only brought black jeggings with me.

Oh well…at least I looked cute while having my first ever coconut experience.

I ❤ my “Ask me why I’m a vegetarian” shirt.

This was by far my favorite part of the fest.  Or maybe my 2nd…but since the triple chocolate donut I savored (and for reals…it took me an hour to eat it because I just wanted to enjoy every glorious bite) didn’t get photographed, we’ll go with the coconut.  <–plus I got to ask the girl I was buying said donut from if she would “hold my coconut.”  Tehehehe  Seriously though, you need to go get a coconut (and a machete) and try this.  The machete is so you can open it with a super-cool swish/swish!

I also got some pretty decent swag:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the first 1,000 to arrive (see aforementioned note re: parking) but the bag + swag only cost $5.  <–also a tax write-off since it’s supporting a non-profit. #win  What you don’t see are the coupons…there’s a decent amount of them, including enough Earth Balance ones to replenish my stash which is expiring at the end of this month.  That totally counts as another #win.

After the Fest + some bonding time with my bestie (who I was visiting), I headed off to the happiest place on (my) earth: the Glut Food Co-op.  This place is like my heaven…its filled with just about every bulk item you can want, including liquid bulk items like tahini, tamari, and maple syrup.  The prices are ridiculously affordable…$3.52/lb for tahini, <$10/lb for raw organic nuts, etc.  And you don’t have to be a member to shop there or get the discounts.  Its owned by the people, for the people.  And it is simply amazing.

I had pictures of the liquid bulk items to insert here but I accidentally deleted them…think the giant things you usually see lemonade in…except rectangular in shape…and filled with deliciousness.  <–you get what I’m saying, right?  😉


Kait xo

Who can you call at 2am?

I am a huge fan of Danielle Laporte.

I lover her passion, her sauciness, and her style.  She inspires me all the time and most likely inspires some of you (if we’re facebook friends and you stop by for a little dose of love).

One of her e-mails this week had a super fun little survey in it so I decided to share here.  It was also great to think about and left me smiling at all the love I am blessed to have in my life.

: Who’s the first person you’d call if you landed the job, won the award, found out you were preggers, got the news that you qualified? MOM
: Who would you bring if you got five front row seats to see your favourite rock star? My “roomies” IN THE VILLA (you know who you are).
: Who’s your “In Case of Emergency” contact? My brother
: Who could write your obituary? Katrina
: Who knows how you take your coffee or could order for you at a restaurant? The beau
: Who’ll drive you there–and back? I’m lucky to say most of my friends…especially the beau, Katrina, & Bri.
: Who’s seen you do the Ugly Cry?  Kathleen, Katrina, Bri, the beau, my mom, and my yoga teachers (Sarah, Jen, & Joanna)
: Where can you show up without calling?  Suite 420 (Varsh, TJ, Banana, and Vrinda)

Who can you call at 2 a.m.? SO MANY PEOPLE.  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

What about you?


Kait xo

Weekend Fun


It was a pretty perfect weekend…girl talk, life chats, rooftop adventures (and subsequent bruises), sleep overs, an entire day devoted to food (planning/shopping/cooking *sigh*), and a fantastic Passion Party.

As a side note…I absolutely love having WordPress on my phone so I can tap and go.  🙂


Getting ready aka my sexy date for the night. 😉


Blurry ballroom dance lessons, take 1.


Take 2…even blurrier.


Varsha always wanted to sing on a piano…Robbie just made that dream come true.

Piano playing.


Rooftop + Washington Monument, take 1.


..and without the crazy iPhone flash.


Homemade fruit-and-nut sorbet. I ❤ my unofficial roommates. 🙂


Battle wounds.


One of my favorite places in Bmore – the bulk food room at the Co-op. #foodie


Farmstand in Hunt Valley – another one of my favorite secret spots. 🙂


I ❤ winter squash…especially at $0.80/lb. <–yes a victory dance resulted.


Baby pumpkins!


Kait xo

The Perfect Sunday, Take 2

Happy Monday loves.

I can’t believe it but this is THE big week: I move to Baltimore on Friday.  My to-do list is a bit crazy right now but I had such a perfect weekend that I wanted to pop in quickly and share.

After quite an emotional couple of days, this weekend was everything I needed and more.  The Universe truly does provide everythign we  need.

I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s B School which is “online business school for women who want to make money and change the world.” <–aka me.

I watched all of the pre-enrollment vids from both a student and business perspective.  Then I took the lessons and worked them into my demo.  In fact, I reworked my demo….inserted even more me into it.   I clearly stated what I needed in a gentle+loving way.Sales and my energy soared.  I set a goal.  And I reached it.

In between being a business women extraordinaire I took the time to say goodbye.  I gained closure I didn’t even know I was looking for.  I shared my fears and opened myself up…to possibility and to their love. And though I cried, I laughed more.

Saturday night a couple of people threw me a farewell party.  I arrived high on the energy of my party and the combination of too little sleep and too much caffeine.  <–if you’re me, that’s one grande soy latte thank you much!  I drank too much, stayed up too late, partied too hard, and spent most of Sunday cuddled up next to one or more people, reminiscing about past great adventures and planning future ones.

Truth be told though, nothing really “went right” this weekend.  I left too late, I missed volunteer hours at the farm, I never made it that yoga class.  Some would qualify that as a failure.  But I never stopped smiling.

All in all, it was the perfect last weekend.  I don’t have a single picture…in fact I forgot to take any because I was so caught up in truly living + experiencing every second.   I don’t regret it…or really anything.  Instead, my heart is full of love as I replay the best moments over in my head, smiling at the memories that I will undoubtedly turn to when life throws its next direction change in my path.

To everyone who’s hosted me, made time for me, driven out of their way to see me, and otherwise opened up their soul to me during these past six weeks: thank you.  I have no clue if or when I’ll be returning to New England but my fear of being forgotten, of being lonely, of abandoning and being abandoned is gone.  You will always be in my heart and I in yours.

Here’s to loving life and my next great adventure.


Kait xo



Current Obsessions

Obscene Life <–beautiful people alert

This trailer.  <–Channing, marry me?

Fishs Eddy for dishware, glassware, flatware, and serverware.  <–their line, not mine

Click to buy. 😉

To fuel my Once Upon a Time obsession, even in the off-season

Miss Smart’s ridiculously witty writing + amazing recipes.  <–try not to drool when you look at her nutty butters

Chinese Botanical moisturizer from Kiss My Face.  It leaves my skin so super duper soft without feeling greasy or making me smell overpowering.

Half-moon pose.

This chocolate which you will find absolutely impossible to resist.  <–why oh why aren’t you vegan??? *le sigh*

Chocolate Covered Katie’s Cookie Dough Dip.

Our Rejuvenating Brown Sugar Scrub.

It doesn’t look like much but coconut oil + brown sugar = baby smooth, frosting-scented skin. 😉

The 9-5 Guide to Staying Active  <–and really anything Leo posts on his site

These trilogies:

A little late to the game but I finally made it. 😉

You expected this, right?

Chris Salvatore

Link is definitely NSFW

And on that note, I bid you adieu.


Kait xo

Updated: Apparently this blog topic was the trend of the week among healthy food bloggers.  Little did I know when I wrote this on Sunday that I’d be joining the ranks of Chelsey and Ashley by highlighting my favorite things.  Their posts had better photos…but mine has a sexy man.  Guess we’ll call it a draw!  😉

Looking Forward: WC Edition


First of all, thanks for all the great giveaway entries!  Haven’t entered?  Just click below…

Lube Giveaway (closes tonight/Wednesday, March 28 at 12am EST)
Crockpot Giveaway (closes Wednesday, March 28 at 11:59pm EST)

Now for more future talk!  A couple weeks ago I invited you all join me as I look forward to my move to Baltimore.  We talked about crock-pots (interestingly the one I’m giving away!) and non-stick cookware and Kaybird.  This week…its all about water closet/powder room/bathroom.  Yes, I give you full permission to return tomorrow for a (much) less fluffy post.  No, I’m not going to be talking about potty time…well, not too much!  😉

I do quickly want to address one thing: my roommate.  I lucked out when it came to finding someone random who is clean (relatively, of course, in the same way that I’m clean), laid back, etc.  These lists are in no way a reflection on him but rather me looking forward to not having to share a space.  Totally different issues and I know you all get it.

I’m incredibly lucky now because I have a massive bathroom.  I doubt I’ll have that in the city but there are other perks of having a bathroom to call your own that will more than make up for the lack of size.  Presented in no particular order, here’s what I’m looking forward to in having my own bathroom!  Yes…these are things I think about.  Don’t you know this about me by now?  Teheh

  • The toilet seat and cover will stay down, therefore saving my toothbrush and other toiletries from “those” germs that get ejected into the air every. single. time. you flush!  I’ve taught beau to do this because it totally skeeves me out!
  • Leaving the door open after a shower.  And hopefully saving my stainless steel accessories from additional rusting.  At the end of the day, I’m really hoping for a fan.  *fingers crossed*  Oh and we close the door to help save $ on our energy bill since we keep the hallway/kitchen/living room more temp regulated for Ms. Kaybird.
  • No more boy hair.  This is nothing against my roommate who is very clean and not very hairy.  But every now and then some of that facial hair escapes and uuugh.  And yes I’m running a double standard hair. But my hair is ok to touch because, well, its mine.  And to be honest, even my hair creeps me out a litte!  haha
  • Taking a bath.  Yes, we have a bathtub now.  Yet no matter how hard I scrub, it still looks dirty.  No way am I sinking my awesome God Pod into that, despite how much my bath bombs and salts and essential oils are calling my name!
  • Air drying.  ‘Nuff said.
  • If its yellow…. If you don’t know the rest of that rhyme then we can’t be friends.   Kidding…kind of.   But for reals…saving water is good for the earth and your karma/chi/abundance.
  • Peeing with the door open.  You know I had to throw some potty time talk in here, right?!

Speaking of potty time, check out these totally awesome toilets!  <–yes, this is happening





And just so the gents don’t feel left out, how’d you like to do your biz in one of these urinals?  Bahaha

Source for all

Best caption wins all my love and adoration + my admiration for being creative, so leave some loving below! 

Totally fluffy post?  Yes.  I hope it made you smile or laugh…with me or at me (or at least at those friggin urinals). If you want more, click here.

Until next time…


Kait xo

PS For reals…go enter to win yourself some free stuff!  Free =  good!  😀